sex appeal and sadness


i already did my first i am just seeking new lj friends!!!!! add me add me add me!!!! it is friends only....but if you ask to be added, i wont ignore your request!


info says use this as my first post, so whatevah.

Name: kristin.
Age: 17.
Gender: female.
Current Location: oklahomo.
Eye Color: blue.
Hair Color: bright red. i'm talkin' bright red, yo.
Righty or Lefty: righty.
Zodiac Sign: i just don't know, man.
Screenname: aim: stupiddishwasher, yahoo: baconxpants.
Bands You like: check the info.
Movies You Like: it, silver bullet, halloween.
Style: yeah.
Your most overused phrase: i don't know, probably ending every sentence with "man".
First feature you notice of opposite sex: their hair.
Your best feature: i'm awesome.
Your greatest fear: dieing, of course.
Extrovert or Introvert: extrovert.

sex appeal and sadness

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Name: Caitlin
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Current Location:toledo Ohio
Eye Color: green/blue
Hair Color:Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Screenname: xdanseavecmoi
Bands You like: bright eyes / sleater-kinney / the yeah yeah yeahs / bikini kill / the devotchkas / Le tigre
Movies You Like: The breakfast club/empire records
Style: just...whatev.
Your most overused phrase: whatev
First feature you notice of opposite sex: eyes
Your best feature: eyes
Your greatest fear: never truly being in love
Extrovert or Introvert: extrovert

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name: LAUREN.
age: the age of 15.
gender: femme.
current location: the mitten state.
eye color: brown as chocolate.
hair color: naturally dark brown, but dyed black.
righty or lefty: lefty. and proud of it.
zodiac sign: pisces. maybe that's why i adore swedish fish?
screen name: le BANG le BANG
bands you like: alkaline trio, brand new, the mars volta, weezer, the pop project, outkast, smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, dragon ash, hefner, death cab for cutie, pretty girls make graves, john mayer, blink-182, dashboard confessional, HUM, the dandy warhols, the white stripes, the strokes, catch22, reggie and the fulleffect, andrew w.k., okgo, ill mich, mustardplug, q and not u, saves the day, no doubt, suiced machines, taking back sunday, thursday, thrice, matchbook romance.
there's more, i just can't think of any more right now.

movies you like: life as a house, amelie, se7en, fight club, american beauty, crazy/beautiful, under a tuscan sun, cold mountain, peter pan, the last samurai
style: i guess i'm indie/emo.
your most overused phrase: STUPID UNCHI FACE! (unchi means poop in japanese.)
first feature you notice of the opposite sex: hair and style.
your best feature: i've been told it's my eyes.
extrovert or introvert: i'm not preocuppied with my own inner thoughts, but i think it is important to know yourself as well as others. so i guess i'm both?

add me?

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